Saturday, October 08, 2016

A big THANK YOU Reed Brothers tool rental Clearfield

2 kids wish to send you a big joyous thank you. What for you might ask??? A recent inquiry into the rental cost of a mini excavator which seemed  just a bit expensive was reason for not renting said machine and doing the job by hand.

Actually it was not wholly the cost of the machine. The final decision was made when the price to deliver said machine was quoted at (lets see how much this guy will pay) $75.00 to go approx. 3.4 miles. Now the individual who was going to rent said machine is not only a construction engineer who is well knowledged, far beyond that of even the rental store owner, knows it does not cost $75 to transport such a small machine a few miles.

So how might 2 kids wish to thank the Reed Brothers for such a great time they had???

Well, with what was perceived by potential customer as being greedy with the $75 fee, customer decided to save the total of approx. $450 rental + fees, do the job the old fashioned way with pick and shovel, and take 2 grandchildren to Virginia Beach for a 3 day vacation. And the kids LOVED it

Now, if I was a rental store I much rather would of had that money in my pocket and not left in a potential customers pocket to spend somewhere else.

Arrowhead Restaurant Closes another victim of CMA rate increases ??????

Who'd a thought the Arrowhead Restaurant a staple in Clearfield, Pa for years has closed. With a declining customer base over the last few years, could the final nail in the coffin be the recently increased nearly $100 per bill sewer charges collected by the Clearfield Municipal Authority (CMA) ??

Never thought that without much in the way of family sustaining jobs, which there could be if the Clearfield County Commissioners did not spend their time chasing these jobs away, that the recent nearly $100 increase collected by CMA could have such a negative impact.

Not only has this recent nearly $100 per bill increase yet to show the full effect, recent increases over the past few years on Clearfield area residents have been financially draining. With the hundreds of dollars per CMA customer now be collected that leaves hundreds of dollars not being spent at the Arrowhead Restaurant and other establishments in the Clearfield area.

And don't even waste your time contacting the CMA - they only collect the money. You will be told to contact either the borough or township who will then direct you to contact the CMA.

Laurel Eye Clinic bad billing policies costs PROFITS

What an awesome policy to send away customers who do not pay a bill within 3 bill cycles. Lets take a customer who might have been layed off from a well paying job who was making every attempt to fulfill his/her financial obligation for only a few hundred dollars by making monthly payments with severely reduced income, is sent without warning to collections and told by Laurel Eye Clinic they can no longer be a customer.

Not a problem at all, then customers like this can simply go to another provider. It not my problem that not only does Laurel Eye Clinic no longer have this customer, but the spouse, 3 children, other family members, and well as friends and work associates. So over a hundred dollars (which was not disclosed by Laurel Eye that insurance did not cover) Laurel Eye Clinic now has lost tens of thousands of dollars.

Surely overlooked by Laurel Eye Clinic is that not only are you no longer accepting 1 patient, many patients have spouses, children, and family members. Holy Smokes that number 1 quickly becomes 12 With normal eye exams not producing much income big deal. But unbekownst to Laurel Eye 4 of these minimum of 12 lost customers was planning lasik eye surgery within the next few months. With a cost of $2500 - $5000 per person that adds up to about $16,000. Profits up in smoke.

And surely there is more than 1 customer who is making his/her best effort to pay their bill only to be no questions asked send to collections and informed they can no longer be a patient of Laurel Eye.

Now with 2 patients gone - BAM- turns into 24 + lost customers, more profits up in smoke. Apparently it seems best practice to send customers elsewhere. Doesn't seem like it will be too long before Laurel Eye's client base along with profits shrink. Hey maybe at this point someone in billing department may need to be let go because of shrinking profit margin. More times than not there are unforeseen consequences such as this that happen. So when it does HAPPY JOB HUNTING.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Joe Paterno NO 409

 NO to the 409.

Sorry folks but Joe was no saint. There are several reasons why the NCAA ruling should stand concerning taking away Joe's (JOEPA) wins.

As head coach Joe was responsible for ALL the actions of his staff. That includes the activities of Jerry Sandusky however disgusting they were. Not only Joe, but several other persons  non inclusive  of  Penn State University staff were well aware of some of these unthinkable acts by Jerry Sandusky.
Penn State football is a multi million dollar franchise with some big players involved.  Of course no one will ever get the truth. How many careers would be ruined?

Would you destroy your life by admitting to either doing or knowing of such a lude act(s)???????

Most likely not, and if the truth could be known, Jopa the saint knew well more than what the public is let to believe.

Reinstating the wins doesn't matter anyway. 409 or no 409 Jopa is no longer alive to see it. When he died his statue was still standing and his wins were still valid. So to him everything was just peachy keen when he passed away. These actions should have been done while Joe was still alive. That way he could watch is dismay as his statue was taken down and his wins revoked. Sorry, Joe your not the God you thought you were.

Does the missing Centre County District Attorney have anything to do with the Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno scandal?  It is kind of intriguing how the DA goes missing and has yet to be found. The PA Governor, State Attorney General at the time, has seemed awful interested in this scandal. Does he have something to hide?

The ruling by the NCAA should stand. NO 409.

Joe Paterno was a human just like the rest of us. I have MYSELF above all to look out for. That's the bottom line.  Would YOU risk losing your job as Penn State Head Coach, being condemned by the public, spending the rest of your life in prison maybe, and who knows what else.?????????

Neither Joe or any other person with knowledge of Jerry's sick acts were going to sacrifice their careers with 20+ years to retirement. Nor did they want to be faced with prison time. And lets not forget about Joe's Precious wins. They could of only been 209.

One can argue that a win is a win but with such a veil of secrecy now shadowing over the Jopa legacy one needs to think long and hard. Was Joe Paterno - JOEPA - who we all thought he was????????