Saturday, November 22, 2014

Shack for rent

1 bedroom dwelling for rent. Available December 1, 2014. AS IS with No utilities. $500.00 per month. Security $500.00.

Make this little shack with a small yard yours.

Located in Clearfield, PA within minutes or the river, wally world, Caledonia Pike, the elk herd and so much more. $500 per month as is no utilities.

In the heart of Marcellus shale drilling.  Live in this little shack by the river. Work in the woods of PA drilling for gas. Watch the elk graze in the fields as you drive along the dirt roads. wow that's just wonderful. Even better watch the Clearfield County Fair fireworks right from your front porch.

Rental is listed AS IS condition with no warranties. With such a cheap price, the few repairs needed will be all worth it. White tail deer are frequently seen in this yard milling about.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Clearfield Water Raising the Water Bill AGAIN

As if people don't have it bad enough.
Clearfield Municipal Authority (CMA) raises rates AGAIN.
Of course we get the same old - rates haven't been raised since letter, and that's going to make paying more all better.
Hey whatever don't complain, that's just less money I have to spend elsewhere in the community.
When the RITZ goes out of business you can thank the CMA  as one of the contributors to their demise.
There is only so much money to go around you idiots. And I can print what I want without needing the permission of the Progress, because I own this forum.
So there we have it, IDIOTS that run the CMA who just can't see the destruction to the local economy they are creating. Greed on the part of the CMA that's all it is.

Monday, June 17, 2013

ALLUVIAL GOLD David Osobie Mining Ghana

ALLUVIAL GOLD (22+ KARAT) SALE OFFER - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Return or reply - Dear Sir/Madam, I am Engr David Osobie, the Director David Osobie Mining Company Limited. We are an Independent Mining Company, David Osobie Mining Company Limited are a Gold mining Company located in the Eastern Region of Ghana with office address in Accra Ghana, West Africa. We are incorporated under the Companies Code 1963, Act 179 with RC No: 63556 (Registrar of Companies Ghana).We are duly registered with the Minerals Commission as well as the Precious Minerals Marketing Company Limited, Ghana (PMMC). We have export permit issued by PMMC and certificate of non-criminal origin issued by the High Court Ghana. David Osobie Mining Company Limited sell gold dust and Bars mined from their concessions. Product range extends to gold characterized as follows: Alluvial Gold nuggets,Purity 99.82% - 22 Karats, Quality code SGS/ssm/22K, Price 10% off the World Market Price (FOB). Method of Payment Cash - After assay or otherwise negotiable. With full legal and corporate responsibility, under penalty of perjury, and with full knowledge of what constitutes as an act of fraud, do hereby state as Seller, we are ready, willing, and able (RWA) to deliver the herein offered AU metal. We do hereby offer the same AU metal under the following terms and conditions: Assay: Final Assay Report to be made at and by Buyer's Nominated Refinery,the Value on the Assay Report shall be accepted by both Buyer and Seller. Origin : Republic of Ghana Lenth of Contract : 6-12 months Supply capacity: 100 KG (monthly) Point of Shipment : Kotoka International Airport ( Free Trade Zone) Ghana. Delivery Terms: CIF / FOB (Negotiable) Packing: Export metal boxes Price: $45,000 USD per kilo (FOB) Contact us through email and if you are a real end buyer or agent. Yours Truly, Engr David Osobie Director

Friday, June 14, 2013

Sheryl Guinoban eCommerce Developers

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