Thursday, March 15, 2007

How eBay polices its sellers

Here is a copy of message posted to eBay's community forum by an eBay member. We were contacted by eBay member concerning this matter and since agreed to post the information for the world to see.

"A recent review of listings has exposed a seller - 78edwards - using a stolen copyrighted image in his/her listing as well as misleading text describing said item. The image in item # 270095688218 is the property of Rogers Enterprises located in Pennsylvania. This listing has since ended on its own.

In 78 edwards description of this coin it is stated this coin does have certificate of authenticity. This is just not so, as this coin is sitting here right infront of me and does NOT have a certificate of authenticity.

Wonder how many other buyers have purchased items from 78edwards not knowing the item and or description was not of actual item being sold.

People like this seller 78edwards gives the honest eBay seller who doesn't steal copyrighted images a bad name.

To improve the selling and buying atmosphere on ebay you need to inform all your friends about the misleading and dishonest selling practices of seller 78edwards.

Thank you for helping make eBay a better and safe place to buy and sell."

eBay removed this seller's post within minutes. Sellers with unethical and deceptive selling practices like 78edwards need to be exposed to all buyers. I know I wouldn't want to buy nothing from this seller. Removing this honest sellers post about informing other members about a misleading seller is apparently the way eBay handles making eBay a safe place to shop.

Since eBay removed this post we have agreed with the member to post it here. This blog is in no way associated with eBay so therefore we can post what we want. We will inform the world of the deceptive and illegal practices of some sellers.

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