Saturday, May 19, 2007

Combat High Gas Prices

High Gas Prices - A Few Tips to Save You Money

There isn't much you can do to control the prices paid for gasoline. Gasoline prices are determined by many market factors beyond our control.

In basic economics supply and demand is the main factor in determining prices. High supply & low demand = Low Prices. Low prices & high demand = High Prices.

What you as an end user can do to combat higher gas prices is take an active approach to reduce demand. You will end up saving some money and in theory as demand drops so should prices.

Many of these simple tips are not new ideas.

* Maintain proper vehicle maintenance - your vehicle uses gasoline most efficiently when tire pressure is set correctly, spark plugs and injectors are clean, and oil and air filters are clean.

* Plan your daily errands to be as efficient as possible. Do your best to avoid back tracking. You'll save alot of time and money by planning your routes to be the most efficient. Need something from a store in the next town over. Wait until next week when you go to the family picnic. Make one trip and do all your business at the same time.

* Keep only the essential emergency kit and tools in your car. All unnecessary items just add extra weight costing you more in gas to drive around.

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