Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Small Town Ethanol Plant Location

Clearfield, a small rural town in central Pennsylvania, has been chosen as a likely candidate for a new ethanol plant to be constructed. A plant that will not only contibute to our energy issues, but also provide much needed employment for an area that basically consists of no real wage paying jobs.

Of course when something of this nature is proposed many regulations, economics, zoning, enviromental concerns, etc need to be considered.

The map below will show a quick detail of the proposed locations for this ethanol plant. The top choice being in dark green outlined in orange. This location has been the main choice for construction as it meets the companies requirements while maintaining enviromental issues the best.

One major problem with this location though, it happens to be across the river(Clearfield Creek to be exact)from middle to upper middle class neighborhoods of Greystone, Goldenrod, and Rivers Bend developments. Many from this area have voiced their opinions that these residents have worked hard to achieve this nice lifestyle and quality of life. They shouldn't have to sit on the porch at night sippin' tea and have to look across the river at a monsterous ethanol plant.

Two other locations both approximately 1 mile away from this top choice site are also being considered. One site located just across highway from many residents, Hillsdale & East End area and across the river (West Branch Susquehanna River) from another residential area, Kerr Addition. The other proposed ethanol plant site is located within the Clearfield Fireman's Industrial Park.

The residents on both sides of this second proposed location live in moderate to low income level. Seems there is no mention of these residents working hard to have a nice lifestyle. It's perfectly ok for them to sit on the porch at night after a long days work sippin' tea and have something like an ethanol plant to look at. Many of these residents from these lower income neigborhoods have worked just as hard or harder than those in the Golden Rod and Rivers Bend neighborhoods. We all now the game of life alot of times does not reward all those who work as hard as equally.

ethanol plant proposed location Clearfield, PA

What about the Clearfield Fireman's Industrial Park? This would seem the best choice for such an industrialized plant, within an industrial park, which is to have the needed infrastructure in place for such a plant. And there are no residents who have worked hard and don't deserve to look at an ethanol plant. Seems like this location would make most in this town happy. An industrial plant located in an industrial park - makes sense don't it. Maybe, the proposed ethanol plant could even purchase the over half million dollar speculation building that has been sitting empty for over ten years. What a waste of taxpayer money that building is. Many people are still waiting for one of many jobs this building was supposed to create.

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At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Hoosier said...

Building it in the industrial park would only be logical, so it won't happen. I'm putting my money on the low income neighborhood; always seems to work that way.

Nice site you have.

At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Joanne Troppello said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog site. You have a nice site here.

At 10:27 AM, Blogger Glamorous Redneck said...

We have a big ethanol plant just outside of our town. I remember all the uppity-ups raising a big ol' ruckus because one of the sites was too close to their little haven. The location it was finally built in was good for 99.9% of the town. The .01% that didn't like it moved to the other side of town. lol

Thanks for stopping by yesterday!

At 12:09 PM, Blogger Moonifa said...

Roger thank you for visiting my site. I appreciate your kind words and hope you are richly blessed.

I didn't know about the Christian news feed that I saw on your site and am in the process of adding it to my site as well.

You have a great site here! Thanks for what you have done. I have really enjoyed my visit!

Rachel aka Moonifa


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