Thursday, September 20, 2007

Make Money Selling Sunflowers

rogers place blog sunflower picture It's really easy to make some green by selling Sunflowers.

1. Simply be a board member (or have a really close friend on council) of your local small town.

2. Have an interest in the monetary gain received from the sale of sunflowers and /or seeds. you can do this by either owning a nursery or have a close acquaintance own a nursery or flower store.

3. Convince the small town borough council and other town residents to plant sunflowers all over the place. Of course each person would have to get their sunflowers or seeds via your supply.

4. If your fortunate enough to actually be a borough council member, then all you need to do is vote Yes to any Sunflower planting idea, and you've got money in your pocket. If you are a nice person, you have even included your friends on the money making plan.

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