Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Very Nice People Still Exist

Yes, there still are some people who go the extra mile and make everyone feel extra special.

We give high praise to this one very special courteous ride operator assistant at Darien Lake Amusement Park Resort just east of Buffalo, New York.

It was a nice sunny day, the day before Labor Day 2007. It was early evening and we had rode several rides already, next on our list was The Mind Eraser.
Darien Lake NY Mind Eraser

As we made our way into the gate to arrive at the end of the line, we had no idea of the kind, courteous, hospitable, and thoughtful decision one special ride operator assistant was going to make that would really enlighten our day and make our visit to Darien Lake Amusement Park Resort that much better.

Approximately 40 - 45 minutes later, us and all the other anxious riders arrive next in line. A thrilling ride on The Mind Eraser roller coaster is now only a few minutes away. You can feel the excitement and anticipation as people begin boarding.

But just wait a minute, approximately 5 - 6 more minutes before we go. Seems like one female park goer carried a nearly full 32 oz alcoholic beverage past the clearly displayed No Food or Drinks past this point sign at the entrance to this ride. The ride operator assistant working the ride loading area of the Mind Eraser without hesitation instructed this lady to finish her beverage before boarding. As she casually sipped away at the alcoholic beverage, we waited, and waited. One would have thought she was the only one waiting to board this ride and there was no hurry.
Darien Lake NY Mind Eraser.Darien Lake NY Mind Eraser

What courteousy and thoughtfulness this ride assistant showed deciding to hold an entire ride consisting of 2 coaster trains and approximately another 150 people waiting in line for one lady to sip away at her beverage while we all waited.

Luckily, for all of us on the Mind Eraser ride, those waiting in the train behind us to exit, and those eager to ride still standing in line, another Darien Lake employee arrived. He quickly instructed this lady to discard her alcohalic beverage and leave the ride boarding area so the ride could resume. If not for him, we may have still been waiting to go for who knows how long. However long it takes to casually sip away a 32oz beer I guess. Guess we'll never no how long that takes.

We would like to say Thank You and Greatly Appreciate the above and beyond courteousy displayed by this ride operator assistant on the Mind Eraser for putting an entire ride on hold so one lady could finish her beer before boarding. I'm sure no one else minded the extra few minutes wait either. This just made our day at Darien Lake Amusement Park Resort, just east of Buffalo, New York.

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