Friday, November 30, 2007

Joe Paterno's salary finally revealed

Penn State Nittany Lion's head coach Joe Paterno, nicknamed JoePa, had his salary finally revealed to the public. This guy makes nearly the salary the President of Penn State University does. All Joe has to worry about is a football team and a few games during the year. He must be pretty impressive at his job of Penn State University Head football coach to receive approximately $512,000 a year. The President of Penn State University receives approximately $545,000 a year.

Of course both these figures are for salaries only and do not include any perks, endorsements, etc provided by Penn State or any other organization.

Joe said “I make enough money,. It bothers me to think that people have to know what I make, all right? I don't know what you guys make."

The difference it makes to many people is the salary unbalance and worth value of certain positions over others. It is these same coaches who believe they are either paid fairly or just a bit underpaid, yet believe for example, that the electrician making a measly $28.00 an hour and has to stay away from home some 180 miles away because there is no work in his/her town is paid just a bit too much. Or that clerk at the convenience store receiving minimum wage is getting paid too much. This is the difference it makes to many folks. These and many other folks who might be able to attend college to further their own educations if tuition were not so high to pay all these excessive salaries. This is why it matters.

What justifies the head football coach at a university to receive nearly the same salary as the University President who runs the entire operation.

As with anything else, Joe Paterno's salary is compared to other college coaches with several earning over $1 million dollars a year, with the highest Big Ten salary being reported at $2.84 million. When you look at all the other coaches making these exorbant salaries it makes Joe's salary look like he's living on public welfare.

If $512,000 a year is too much then $2.84 million + a year is just..... Football is just a game. It's not like these coaches are producing tangible products like the rest of the working world.

Sorry, but there just isn't nothing to justify paying these people these kind of salaries. Penn State University Nittany Lion's football team head coach Joe Paterno. I guess Penn State has a dirt cheap coach living in poverty when compared to the salaries of other Big Ten coaches.

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At 11:45 PM, Anonymous Dave said...

Hey now, Joe does a dandy of a job and clearly deserves more.

At 4:10 PM, Anonymous susan said...

I'm one that really doesn't care. Who really cares what Joe Paterno or any othe person makes.

Penn State still plays good football - that's all that matters.

At 11:04 PM, Anonymous fred said...

That's really hard to believe.

At 9:24 PM, Anonymous alexcia said...

He's taking the Nittany Lions to the alamo bowl this year.


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