Sunday, November 04, 2007

King Tut Face Revealed Public Display

King Tutankhamun the Golden Boy is now on full display to the public. For the first time in over 80 years since his discovery the face of King Tut will be viewable by the general public. Now on display in Luxor, Egypt in the Valley of the Kings, King Tut will remain for a short time before being taken on tour.
A few months on display in London, England before King Tut arrives in the United States sometime in 2008 for an approximately 6 -7 month stay in the United States. 1st stop on the US tour is to be the Dallas Museum of Art in Texas. Exact dates and times are yet to be determined.
Over 1/4 million tickets have already been sold to see King Tut's face in London.
Over 3000 years and mysteries of exactly who King Tut was and how he died still remain. At the young age of 8, King Tutankhamun is believed to be the 12th ruler of Egypt. His reign lasted until his late teens. How he died still just as mysterious and intriguing. Evidence exists that suggests assassination of this young leader. Other evidence suggests cause of death a simple infection caused by a broken bone. Their are still many unanswered questions about King Tut.
However intriguing King Tutankhamun is, to now be able to see him face to face is just astonishing.

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