Thursday, November 01, 2007

Saddam Hussein Dead or Still Alive????

Saddam Hussein.

This is a post only to arouse one's curiosity.

Have we all been smoke screened and buffaloed again??

It's been awhile since his execution. How quickly this occurred. What a big media event this should have been, but it was reported - basically the same by all media, as if scripted, just as fast as the events occurred. Within only a few days the news was dead and basically not a peep since.

With the speedy changing of hands from US to Iraq control and the execution occurring within hours of this, How do we know it was the real Saddam Hussein?

Remember a few short years ago. Every spotting of Saddam had to be verified, and re verified. The US news media told us and preached to us that Saddam had several look a likes. With the speed of the events and activities leading up to the execution of Saddam and not being shown or told the full truth, How can we be assured this was the actual Saddam himself ?

It could have been the real Saddam Hussein we saw jailed and in the court appearances. It could have been the real Saddam Hussein we saw in the censored media reports. How do we really know? Some people even seen the entire 'cell phone video' of the execution. How do we know that during the transfer from United States to Iraqi control Saddam Hussein was not let go, told to be quiet, and one of his doubles put into that hooded cover.

This punishment he received may seem cruel according to our (United States)standards, but he was given a trial, convicted and sentenced according to the rules of the jurisdiction he was tried in. Although many of us, and members of other nations do not agree with middle eastern religion, beliefs, customs, etc, these are the "rules" that Saddam lived in. And any punishment he received is in accordance with those rules, beliefs, etc.

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At 8:17 PM, Anonymous Mary S said...

Wow. Looks like I am not the only one thinking this. We never actually saw the man hang.


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