Sunday, January 27, 2008

2008 Bush Stimulus Plan - WOW $600 dollars

President Bush has proposed an economic stimulus plan which includes $600.00 dollar tax rebate checks to be issued to the working poor American.

Tax rebate part of the economic stimulus plan also includes an additional $300.00 dollars for each child.

$600.00 dollars, only a short term fix to our countries economic problems. This tax rebate program far from accomplishes any long term fixes to our U.S. economy nor provides the much needed help to those poor American workers who live paycheck to paycheck.

As expected these working poor Americans will blow through this money before the ink even dries on their checks. Are they going to do much to stimulate our ailing economy? Yes, technically they will, as any money transferred within the economic circle adds to the growth of that economic system. Will these tax rebate checks do much to help the struggling working poor?
No, not at all.

This money will most likely be spent to patch a few holes in their boat that is already barely staying afloat. Within a few days they will be right back to bailing water to keep their heads just above drowning. At least for a day a two they can put the bucket down and take a quick breath.

These individuals simply will not get to enjoy the longer term tax credits and other benefits being proposed for businesses under this 2008 President Bush Economy Stimulus Plan.

These tax rebate checks are just a feeble attempt to fix a much larger problem.

Thanks, President Bush for understanding my arm is sore from all the bailing. The one day break I'll receive when my $600.00 tax rebate check arrives will be welcome.

There will surely be more posts on the topic President George W. Bush and his 2008 Economic Stimulus Plan with Tax Rebate Check as people send us their comments, thoughts, and opinions.

Stay tuned for more on this subject and many other topics.

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