Thursday, January 31, 2008

Closing eBay Store Very Important Steps

Just to be informative. When closing your eBay store you need to be aware that you may also need to unsubscribe to any subscriptions you may of had such as sales reports or selling manager. Some subcriptions are free with store subscription, but once you cancel your store these other subscriptions then become chargable at the prescribed monthly fees. This is stated in the store cancelled email notification you will recieve. If someone doesn't take the time to throughouly read this message, they won't realize this and understand why they are being charged the following month.

When you do close your store do it at the end of your cycle so you'll at least get the full amount of time you paid for.

To cancel these other subscriptions if any apply go to My ebay then My Account. Scroll down until you see subscriptions near the bottom of list on left side. Click subcriptions and you will see a list of all your subscriptions. On right side you will see Unsubscribe link. Click this link and follow directions.

As eBay constantly changes their services, fees and page navigation these instructions may not remain entirely correct. Just want to inform all eBay store owners who decide to close their stores that they need to be aware of any other services they had while having a store and they may need to cancel those services as well.

Thought this may be helpful to avoid someone with surprize charges a month after they close their store. Imagine once eBay charged credit card it would be near impossible to get any money back.

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