Tuesday, January 29, 2008

eBay Lowers Sellers Fees

eBay's gracious gift to sellers - lower initial sellers fees.

Must be a result of eBay's falling stock prices. eBay CEO Meg Whitman and company must be feeling the effects of all their fee increases.

Today, January 29, 2008 eBay announces lower initial fees for sellers along with other improvements to the site.
Initial listing fees will be lowered but made up by other fees, yes always a catch.

The mass exodus of sellers leaving the online auction site after recent increases must have finally made Meg and company listen up.

Take a look at last years eBay stock price.

eBay stock price chart courtesy morningstar
Chart courtesy of Morningstar.com

Complete eBay stock information available at Morningstar.com

Lowering seller's fees will make many eBay sellers happy at first. That is until they realize they will pay much more when their item sells. Will it help bring back the millions who left because of eBay's increasing fees?
The eBay stores fee increases a year or so ago Meg Whitman called something like a leveling of the marketplace. eBay raised store fees to undilute this marketplace. They wanted sellers to leave, or better phrased - sellers can stay, but just sell less '"junk". Well this "junk" is what generated fees. Who would care if this "junk" sold or not, eBay made money either way.

Many sellers left the eBay stores venue and not only took their "junk" with them, but the money they were giving eBay well. If I had sold on eBay and left for another site would today's announcement to lower eBay seller's fees bring me back? No, nope, nada, sorry Meg, I took your advice last fee increase. I took my junk elsewhere to sell. After a year or so of getting my new site established, I surely am not going to drop it return to eBay and start all over. Lower selling fees or not You chased me away and I'm staying where I'm at.

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