Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Florida is Not Rudy Giuliani Country

The votes are in, well not quite yet, from the 2008 Florida Primary. As it stands with roughly 5% of votes to be tallied yet it looks like Florida is definitely not Rudy Country.
Without a doubt Rudy Giuliani has focused his Presidential Campaign efforts heavily in Florida, not too concerned about other states.

Just go to the Rudy Giuliani for President website and you'll see all the Florida is Rudy Country images. What about Ohio, Tennessee, Oregon, etc?

Well, finishing a distant third with only 15% of the vote compared to 31% for 2nd place - Mitt Romney and 36% for 1st place - John McCain, doesn't look like Florida is Rudy Country. (These numbers are with 94% of Florida voting precincts reporting 11:25pm 1/29/08) Looks to me like Florida is John McCain Country.
Rudy Giuliani Florida was Rudy Country Now John McCain Country
At 94% precincts reporting results it looks like a website redesign is in order for the Rudy Giuliani for President website. And if Rudy couldn't win in Rudy Country he might as well hang up the hat.
As we write this it is being reported Rudy Giuliani will end his bid for Republican Presidential Nominee and will endorse Florida Republican Primary Winner - Senator John McCain.

Here's a post from earlier today on Rudy Giuliani

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