Wednesday, January 09, 2008

From Abdul email scam

Below you will find the text of From Abdul email scam. This appears to be sent from Meriam Abdul [] As many email header information is forged this may or may not be the actual sent from address.

If you recieve message like this one, add the sent from address to your denied senders list, report the message to SPAM@UCE.GOV and your local isp provider. Help put an end to these email scam and fraudsters. How stupid do they think we are to reply to their bogus messages.


I am Mr ABDUL KAKEEM SALAAU from Dafur Sudan, a prince in my country , my father was a king country,but due to war in my country,he was brutally murdered ,because he was helping to protect the lives and properties of innocent people ,i am presently in Malaysia as political refugee,i manage to escape because they are also after me as a prince.

The purpose i am here in Malaysia is that my father has a family treasure deposited here in a security company, which i finally found out through my late father's lawyer it is money,which is US$3.400000 (THREE MILLION FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATE DOLLARS), but i am afraid to disclose it to someone, a friend advise me that it will be ok for me to invest the fund in your country ,and that i should look for honest and reliable someone in your country who can accept me and the fund and help me to invest in your country, but i am so afraid ,because it is what i hope to survive in my future as i want to return to school to finish my masters degree,so i am so afraid because i don't want someone that will jeopardize my future life.

Please if you can be honest to me and help me to invest this fund in your country ,please inform me or you can reach me through my phone number +60169647285 reply to my private email ,so that we will know how we will move the fund to your country as you know that we are entering new year ,let me start a new life in your country and finish my studies .

Hope to hear from you today,i know it is only a stone hearted one that will ignor the cry of someone in distress,please have human feelings for me in this time of trouble ,may Allah bless you and your family as you listen to the plea of helpless one .


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