Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Harley Davidson is Free

A free Harley Davidson to use for 6 months anyway. A special program by Harley Davidson provides motorcycles for police departments to use free for 6 months then they can purchase. Purchase at what price? Well, it will be a reduced price that's all we need to know.

The Mayor and council members of Clearfield, PA are jumping on the free Harley bandwagon. I'm sure this is a good program for police departments that really NEED one. The little Borough of Clearfield surely does not NEED a patrolman on a Harley.

The mayor and council members contend that motorcycles are more fuel efficient, more visible, and can go places a patrol car can't. Plus it's free for 6 months.

One: there is no place in Clearfield Borough that is not accessible by patrol car. If there is it would only take a few steps and a patrolman could be there.

Two: seems to me a big white and black patrol car or giant SUV, as they have one of those too, with a big row of fancy lights on the roof is much easier to see than a small motorcycle with an itsy bitsy little light.

Three: more fuel efficient at first glance - yes. Until, you have to call for backup to haul away the suspects you just apprehended because they won't fit onto your patrol bike. The extra labor cost for this second officer to assist when he/she would not otherwise be needed would eat up the fuel saving.

Maybe next year Clearfield Borough can get a traffic copter to patrol the big city streets of Clearfield from the air. But first spend the taxpayers money on the much needed road repairs that need done throughout the borough. I'm sure they would appreciate that much more than a patrolman on a sleek new Harley Davidson motorcycle.

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