Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hello, Mr.President - Wake Up!!!!

Dear Mr. President,

Do you want to do something about reviving our slowing U.S. economy?

A seventh grader in middle school has the answer.

Do something about the excessive prices we are paying for oil products. Don't just sit there and watch as the American citizen is having their pocketbooks drained by big oil.

The initial run up in oil prices was blamed on Hurricane Katrina. Well that's been several years ago. What's the reason for the absorbant gasoline prices today?

Nothing but greed plain and simple. While big oil is bathing in record profits, the price we pay to heat our homes and drive are cars is costing the rest of our economy.

Whenever I am paying nearly double what I did a few years ago to heat my home I am left with less to spend elsewhere.

Big gains for big oil = big losses for everyone else.

A seventh grader said to me recently, " If you cut out greed, would that not lower the costs of oil, leaving me more money to spend on other things? "

Now if a seventh grader than figure that out, you'd think our government officials could.

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At 11:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don’t believe Pork bellies will discontinue because what goes on behind closed doors usually stay hiden, even if it is the tax payers money they take and determine misappropriation and abuse of the american dollar. The truth is spelled out to us “PORK BELLY”= monocracy ; a few selected groups are getting fat off the backs of the working poor american ( even our white collar, college educated americans struggle to get by, analysts said this to be the malfunction of the american peoples, well then, where are the employers? ). They count on american ignorance to ensure a life of luxuriousness and comfort for themselves and their families ; while the greater part of humanity continue to suffer. Absolute control of economy and who flourish ; Autocracy is the name of the game.


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