Thursday, January 10, 2008

Barack Obama The Secret Weapon

2008 Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Hussein Obama has one clear advantage over all other candidates.

Our current President George W. Bush does not have this secret weapon. Nor do presidential candidates from the two major political parties, the Democrat or Republican parties. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton does not possess this clear yet secret weapon advantage. Governor Mike Huckabee, Senator John McCain, and other candidates do not have the Obama advantage.

Senator Barack Hussein Obama's secret weapon - Big Ears.

Barack Hussein Obama jr big ears picture

Well, maybe it's not so secret as this secret weapon is out in the open and clearly seen. But with big ears, Barack Obama should be able to hear the American people much better than any other presidential hopeful. The only candidate for President of the United States of America who might actually hear our voices.

Obama's secret weapon lies in his big ears. Don't be ashamed of having big ears, use them to your advantage. When the people speak they want to be heard, and Barack Obama has the tools to listen up.

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