Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pa Taxpayers to Waste $3.5 Million on movie

Reports have stated that Pennsylvania residents are going to pay Lionsgate Films to shoot movie footage around Pittsburgh. The cost is said to be $3.5 million dollars, just for them to come to PA and shoot a movie.

First of all why do the taxpayers of PA need to pay a "private" company to come here and make a movie. If any costs are associated with the production of any movie or tv series those costs should be the responsibility of the movie company Lionsgate - not the Taxpayers of Pennsylvania.

After all I'm sure they are going to make a hefty profit from this little movie shooting gig or they wouldn't be doing it. An even bigger profit thanks to governor Ed Rendell who so graciously offered for the PA taxpayers to pay Lionsgate $3.5 million to come and shoot.

Looks like governor Ed Rendell has his priorities set right again.
Giving money to movie companies is far more important than giving this money to the small towns that desperately need adequate fire and police protection. Don't worry about grandma either wrapped up in 5 sweaters 'cause she's out of heating oil - she'll make it. Good way to spend the taxpayers money Mr. Rendell.

This type of spending makes the pork barrel look more like a can of pork and beans.

If there is this much spare tax money laying around Harrisburg, looks to me like the residents of PA deserve a refund and a decrease in the taxes. I'm sorry, I forgot we can't live without those new taxpayer funded sports stadiums or paying 3 1/2 million to a movie company to make a movie.

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