Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shhh - It's a SECRET

The closing of O.W. Houts and Sons sudden closing in State College, Pa came as somewhat of a surprise to many people within the Centre County region .

There surely is more too it than just a simple store closing. We all know that.

Rumors have circulated for many years that Penn State University has been eyeing the O. W. Houts & Sons property to purchase for university expansion. Of course these rumors will neither be confirmed or denied.

Who really cares if Penn State has intentions to purchase this property or not. If Penn State has plans to purchase this property then they just need to say so. If not, they just need to say so. There simply is just no reason to be secretive. No reason to play stupid and act like they know nothing about this property.

For now we'll just play along. Remember we are all just little kids playing in the grown up world.

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