Monday, January 14, 2008

Soccer is my Priority

Soccer that's what's important in Pennsylvania, the priority matter at hand - Soccer.

Current issues the Rendell administration are working on in Harrisburg include securing funds for a soccer complex outside of Philadelphia. Proposing legislation to use taxpayer funds to help finance a new soccer stadium. A much needed soccer stadium I might add. Pennsylvania has done without such a complex for too long and now is the time to build.

Why not, Pa taxpayers have already been shamboozled out of countless millions to build stadiums in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in recent years. As the roads and bridges in PA are in excellent condition seems suitable enough to use this excess taxpayer money to help finance a soccer venture.

It's about time the taxpayers of Pennsylvania realize what is important. A new soccer stadium to benefit a select few. And don't forget to spend the money wastefully. Soccer that's my priority.

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