Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tax Rebate Stimulus Plan what a joke

One measure in President George W. Bush's stimulus package to save the falling economy includes a $600.00 dollar tax rebate check for individuals.

Some stimulus this is going to provide. This $600.00 will be spend the day I get it. It will go directly to the oil company to heat my home.

As like most Americans I am being squashed by the high prices of oil.
As long as I am spending excessive amounts of money on gasoline and heating oil then I will never have any left over to spend at the movies, dining out, a new car, etc, etc, .

In order for the economy to recover, stabilize, and grow I need to spread my money throughout all sectors of the economy, not just the oil slice of the pie. Therefore, this $600.00 tax rebate as part of economic stimulus plan won't do much good.

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