Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why Conserve Water - It Will Cost You

How does conserving water cost you more money?
Well, just ask those operating the Clearfield Municpal Authority (CMA).

An October 2007 news article in The Progess reads the CMA is proposing a rate increase on its customers.

The reason for this increase?
People are just using less water.

Why might the CMA customers be using less water?
As rates for water usage increases customers have been implementing many water conservation practices.
Observing better water management practices while watering the plants and washing the family car to installing water saving fixtures throughout their homes. All of this to keep their water bill to a minimum.

Another big factor in customers reducing their water usage is the outrageous surcharges tacked onto the water bill for sewer surcharges. The CMA is only to collect the sewer charges charged by Clearfield Borough and Lawrence Township based on the rates set by each of these entities. In all reality the water and sewer charges for amount used are reasonable. It is the surcharges on sewer use charged by both Clearfield Borough and Lawrence Township that sting the pocketbook when paying the water bill. With Clearfield Boroughs surcharge around $8.00 per 1000 gallons and $3.00 for Lawrence Township residents these surcharges easily surpass the actual charge for usage.

Here's the numbers on an actual recent (12/4/07) water bill from a Lawrence Township resident: Sewer $51.41. Sewer Surcharge $59.50. And Lawrence Township residents are only paying around $3.00 per 1000 gallon surcharge. So at $8.00 in the borough those residents are paying even more.

It's not hard to see why many residents served by the CMA have been reducing their water consumption. As sewer fees are calculated according to water consumption, cutting back on water use is the only way to lower both the sewer charge and sewer surcharge as well as the overall water bill.

Many members of the CMA have acknowledged people are using less water because of these reasons. That's good they can see that. PENALIZING them by increasing water rates is not the right answer.

So as you can see all those water conservation efforts you have implemented have been frugal. You did your part, not just to save yourself some money but help ensure others in the community have water as well. Your rewarded by a slap in the face and penalized by higher rates.

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