Saturday, February 09, 2008


If you have an Analog TV set you will soon have to replace it or purchase a Digital to Analog converter box. Starting February 17, 2009 the federal government has mandated all analog broadcasts to end. After this date all broadcasts will be exclusively in digital format.

Purchasing a digital to analog converter box, available soon at major retailers, will be a much cheaper option versus buying a new HDTV ready television. These digital to analog converter boxes are expected to cost from $40 to $80 dollars depending on brand.

Not to worry, as part of the digital tv conversion the federal government has aproved the TV Converter Box Coupon Program. This program will provide each household up to 2 - $40 dollar coupons to apply towards the purchase of a digital to analog converter box.

To apply online simply go to the website.

More information is also available at the NTIA website here.

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