Tuesday, February 26, 2008

eBay Boycott is over. eBay still the winner.

The 1 week boycott against Ebay is over. What are the Results?
eBay -1 Sellers/Buyers - 0

Ebay not bothered one bit. This boycott didn't even register a blip on the eBay radar.

Although an article on MSN money states an initial finding of 13% decline in listings for the week of February 18 - 25, 2008, this boycott accomplished nothing for the buyers and sellers angry with eBay recent policy changes. At the top of the list are higher fees (disguised as lower fees- eBay users were not to have read any further after seeing the words reduced fees, and free gallery), and dramatic feedback changes.

First to offset this decline eBay had a one day promotion offering .20 cent listings, thus creating an additional 4 - 5 million listings. Coincidence or planned scheme to offset the boycott. eBay reads the forums and blogs too, don't you think they didn't know about the boycott.

In the eyes of eBay all those who participated in the boycott just wasted their time. eBay knows these disgruntled users will return shortly and buy and sell as they did before the boycott.

Do you want to take real action against eBay? If you are one who is unhappy with eBay and there policies, don't just complain in the blogs, and forums about leaving or opening your own site. ACTUALLY DO IT. When the millions of boycotters take their money to st.elsewhere will you get eBay to notice. Then when they notice and reduce fees to lure you back, you'll be established at your new home and eBay will be left scratching their head.

The money lost in a one week boycott is nothing to eBay. In fact even after this boycott eBay has no plans to change any of their new policy changes. They feel this boycott didn't even have an effect on them.

Unhappy with eBay, actually do something, don't waste your time on a boycott. Besides you also lost money due to the fact you sold nothing for that week. Take your products and your selling skills to a new home. Don't just talk about it - DO IT.

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At 10:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Want to hit them where it hurts???
Starting now.... EVERY time you do a search & see a PAID ad either at the top of list OR down the right side (google paid ads) that says ebay.com (not individual stores)... click on it.
Pass this on to everyone you know.
make them use those fees they charge us instead of raising the CEO's paycheck!


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