Wednesday, February 13, 2008

EBAY FEEDBACK CHANGES from a buyers view

Wow has the new changes to feedback on eBay got alot of people in an uproar. Take a look around at the blogs, forums, and news, and you'll see that the majority of people, mainly sellers on ebay, are not happy at all.

As an eBay member for many years puts it, these new changes go against everything we have been told eBay was based upon.

As a buyer I use feedback to get an idea of what type of seller I am dealing with. Is this person honest, reputable, trustworthy?
As a seller I would imagine a seller would like to know the same about me.

I don't want to bid on a itme or purchase an item from a seller who shows a history of bad practices.
I'm also sure the seller would prefer not to deal with me if my feedback shows I haven't paid for the last 10 items I bid on.
Would you send someone something if there was a high probability it would not be paid for or you'd receive the "I never got it"?

As a buyer I can agree with the frustration felt by sellers. If I do not pay for your item I deserve negative feedback. If I do something dishonest then I deserve negative feedback. eBay is wrong to restrict what feedback a seller can leave a buyer.

As eBay has preached to all of us over the years the feedback system is a way for 2 people who know nothing about each other to make informed decisions on whether they should interact with each other and complete a transaction or not based on each others past transactions. As I see it this will only open the door for me to become a dishonest buyer ripping off the sellers every chance I get and they can't do nothing about it.

Even though I have never sold anything on eBay, I feel this change of restricting sellers to only leaving positive feedback is a change that will only hurt the ebay marketplace.


At 7:29 PM, Blogger eBay Fraud Alert said...

This is all nonsense. I think it is much more important for a buyer to be able to leave a negative comment to a seller who fails to behave professionally--and to leave that comment without fear of retaliation.

Seller's rights? Competent sellers who stand by their descriptions and their products have the right to make MONEY. And buyers SHOULD have the right warn others of a dishonest or incompetent sellers who fail to accurately describe their goods. Some of the most dishonest sellers on eBay still have high feedback ratings because buyers are afraid to tell the truth, for fear of the retaliatory neg.

Check various sellers using toolhaus dot org to see example after example of retaliatory feedback from unprofessional sellers who can't or won't deliver the goods they promise, or can't treat customers with respect. Many will neg an unhappy buyer even if the buyer leaves only neutral feedback.

In the real world, business people rely on buyer recommendation. Businesses who treat disgruntled buyers rudely or fail to take returns cannot run around the community badmouthing their disgruntled customers. It's unprofessional.

Sellers who get what they want from their buyers--THE MONEY--have no business leaving any kind of negative feedback.

Sellers who don't get the money from bidders already have recourse from eBay. 1. A seller cannot receive a neg from a buyer who doesn't pay. If she does, the neg will be removed by eBay.

2. The seller has a right to get her final value fees refunded by eBay if the buyer does not pay. The buyer will also received a strike against his account.

2. Buyers with three strikes get kicked out of eBay.

That's plenty of protection. Now-- I wish eBay would follow through on it's promises to buyers and start the new feedback system.


Rebecca Fransway


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