Saturday, February 02, 2008

eBay Restricts Sellers with New Feedback Change

Many many sellers on eBay are outraged over the new feedback policy limiting the free speech they now have when leaving feedback for buyers. Surf around the eBay forums and blogs and you will feel the anger and resentment felt by sellers facing eBay's feedback changes.

The ability for both buyer and seller to leave feedback for one another is a crucial part of the trust element when buying and selling on the worlds largest online auction site eBay. This will soon be taken away for the sellers.

Starting in May, 2008 sellers will no longer be able to leave negative or neutral feedback for buyers. Yet buyers will still be able to leave negative feedback for sellers. This sounds like a very fair deal. Let the bad, non paying, & fraudulent buyers get away with their actions while the seller has no recourse to leave a negative feedback rating.

I know for sure that if I was an eBay seller I would like to know that expensive item I am about to send to someone I don't know from Adam is being sent to an honest buyer and not one who has ripped off the last 10 or so sellers. If I was ripped off by a buyer I sure as heck ain't going to leave that person positive feedback. If negative feedback is deserved that is what they should get. I would also like the ablility to let other sellers know to beware when dealing with this particular buyer. This feedback change is not fair and balanced at all.

eBay claims this new feedback policy of restricting the sellers free speech to leave appropriate feedback due a buyer is to improve the feedback system and make the eBay online auction marketplace better. The real reason for this one sided feedback change is most likely due to the dramatic increase of buyers leaving the site after recieving negative feedback. Those members leaving has increased at least 4 times since April of 2007. So at the expense of the honest sellers, eBay will essentially be promoting fraudulent buyers in order to save their declining membership.

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