Monday, February 11, 2008

The Ed Rendell Tax Machine

Governor Ed Rendell and his budget proposals to increase taxes on the hard working Pennsylvania citizens AGAIN. The Ed Rendell Tax Machine is still alive and kicking in 2008. Finding yet more ways to extract even more tax dollars from the PA taxpayers.

PA taxpayer for the purpose of our post is defined as an individual citizen excluding any business. Just review the proposed 2008 - 2009 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania budget and you will see no significant tax increases on business. Any proposed increases such as the oil franchise tax won't effect business anyway. As with any increased cost of doing business these costs are passed onto the consumer - you - the PA taxpayer. So even this oil franchise tax is another tax on the PA taxpayer.

Saving the PA taxpayer a little money is surely not the #1 priority on Governor Rendell's list. The only worth it seems the PA taxpayer has is their money to finance private sports stadiums, convention centers, movies, and gambling venues to name a few. Some of his proposals include raising the sales tax to 7% , increasing taxes on tobacco products, taxing those who live in flood plains, implementing a new tax on electricity, and more.

Wonder what the tax on those living in a flood plain is going to be called; The You Live a Flood Plain Tax????? Where does this guy come up with these stupid ideas?

What's next a tax on the air we breathe?

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