Friday, February 01, 2008

Exxon Mobil $40.6 Billion Profit Makes History

Time to celebrate the Exxon Mobil record setting profit.

Oh Yea, a record setting $40.6 BILLION dollar profit for 2007. The largest profit ever reported by a US company set by big oil giant Exxon Mobil.

Nice to see someone is raking in the money off the backs of cash strapped hard working Americans who have been getting squeezed everytime they fill up their car.

It's no wonder the rest of the economy is suffering. Exxon Mobil is one source draining the American workers pocket book dry. The TRUE reason for the increased oil prices over the past few years are the bottom line, profit, and greed. All that hub bub they feed us in the news about tension in the middle east, Opec this, Opec that, etc being the cause for high oil prices is just total malarkey.

Way to go Exxon Mobil for making history. I will celebrate everytime I fill up my car.

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