Monday, February 11, 2008

Playstation 3 and eBay auction sales

This is just a post to get some ideas and thoughts. Whatever your thoughts feel free to reply and leave comment.

We are interested in knowing how people view the fact that regular people are buying these Playstation 3 systems (year before was the xbox360) for around $500 dollars and reselling them for $2000 or more, seen some go for $5000 and up.

Have heard on radio, read the newspapers, and seen on the nightly news that these people are profiteers. These people are seen almost like criminals because they are buying these Playstation systems soley to resell and profit. Doesn't Walmart buy microwaves for the sole purpose of reselling for a profit? We have no sides in this topic, but why is it deemed wrong for an individual to buy something then resell (actually on eBay most are auctioned off) to make a profit. Isn't this an example of the supply and demand law actually in action. The price of gasoline shot up after Hurricane Katrina a few years back supposedly due to this law.

This is what companies do everyday. They either buy a product or provide a service to make a profit. Many of these profits are even larger than the percentages the Playstation 3 and Xbox360 most notable have had their final bids raise too.

In the case of eBay, if I am not wrong, these units are auctioned off. Isn't an auction - sold to the highest bidder. The person willing to pay the most gets the item. We don't understand then why there seems to be such negatively towards these people.

Could go on and on with this. This post is only to get some feedback and your opinions/views. None of the feedback or comments will be used for any other purpose. We have a nuetral stance on this question and have not been involved with anything relating to the release of the Playstation 3 and those being condemned for profiting from it. What exactly is the big deal? These people bought an item when supply was low and demand was high. They then auctioned the item. The final price was determined by the bidder and in the case of auctions the highest bidder wins.

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