Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rendell 2008 Budget Increases Taxes on Tobacco

Governor Ed Rendell is at it again. Taxing the citizens of Pennsylvania to death. One of the budget proposals in his 2008-2009 Pennsylvania budget includes a .10 cent increase on a pack of cigarettes.

Now I don't smoke, but with the price of cigarettes now over $4.00 a pack, they are already priced high enough. For our purposes we do not include the generic brands. If brands like Marlboro and Winston are the top choice brands then those that smoke should not have to settle for generic less desirable brands, and therefore we have not included these in our $4.00 per pack price.

Rendell's theory behind this .10 cent increase is that this increased tax will further deter underage cigarette use. I highly doubt that. Those under the legal age to purchase cigarettes are surely not going to be detered by a measly .10 cent tax. They will get their cigarettes the same way they do now.

What I would do if I were a cigarette smoker is show the Governor Ed Rendell Tax Machine you have had enough. Enough of not only this proposed increase, but his past increases on tobacco products as well. Smoke your last cigarette and enjoy it and Never buy another pack of cigarettes. We realize that quitting smoking is easier said than done, but if your a smoker save your money and your health and quit. Lets see how much the .10 cent increase generates when 5 - 6 million people quit smoking.

This 10 cent cigarette tax is only a proposal at this time as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 2008 - 2009 budget still needs to go through the PA Senate and House to be approved and passed. Chances are this tax increase will be approved and those that purchase cigarettes will be further penalized for using a product they find pleasurable and enjoyable. Just because I don't smoke doesn't mean you should be penalized because you smoke.

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