Saturday, February 02, 2008

Taking Better Photos Helps You Sell More

Taking better photos of items your selling online helps you sell more and thus make more money.

Whether it be on the auction giant or sites like amazon the quality of your pictures helps considerably in making a sale.

A good picture or two can make all the difference in selling your item or having to relist it.

Here are some very basic simple steps to better pictures.

1. Take several photos from various angles
2. Use good quality bright lighting
3. Use a nuetral backdrop to contrast your item. You don't want your item blending in with the background.
4. Have your item be in the center of photo drawing your buyers eye to it
5. Use closeup shots of any defects or to highlight special features if needed
6. Use a small image size. Try to keep your photos around a 3 x 5 inch size or 480 x 360 pixels or smaller.

With these simple steps your item stands out more than the next sellers and you have a better chance of completing the sale.

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