Thursday, February 21, 2008

YOUR HELP email scam message

YOUR HELP email scam message. Sent from address - Marie Adel Diouf []. The following is another spam message to waste all our time on. Don't just delete these when you get them, take a minute and report them to help stop these scam spam messages from clogging your inbox.

I am Mrs. Marie Adel Diouf a Refugee from Somalia. Presently i am residing in Dakar -Senegal,West Africa.My Husband died as result of the up-rising that broke out for civil war in my country.

I managed to escaped with my mother towards Senegal for safe-guard of our lives.My late Husband deposited some money and some treasury paper doucuments to Security and Financial House.For sure the amount of money and Landed Property is worth the sum of 11.5 Million U.S.D.

I want you as a Foreign Partner to help me and my mother from this hardship.Your concern and co-operation towards this deal is utmost important.It is Risk-Free business and some percentage had been earmarked for you as 20percent while the remain 5 percent will be sundry expenditures as a result in the coarse of the transaction and rest will be us.

Again your co-operation in this reagard is highly appreciated.Thanks and remain God bless,

Yours faithfully,
Mrs Marie Adel Diouf.

This spam message posted here to alert you of this scam message. 2/21/08.

If you recieve message like this one, add the sent from address to your denied senders list, report the message to SPAM@UCE.GOV, YAHOO, and your local isp provider. Help put an end to these email scammers and spammers.

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