Monday, March 03, 2008

FROM : DR.WRIGHT LAWSON email scam 419

The following is copy of FROM : DR.WRIGHT LAWSON email scam. This 419 type scam message appears to be sent from DR.WRIGHT LAWSON []. Return email shows as - This scam message sent via email servers 3/3/2008.

If you recieve message like this one, add the sent from address to your denied senders list, report the message to SPAM@UCE.GOV and your local isp provider.


My Name is Mr.Wright Lawson born in Westminster London , here in England. I work for CITI BANK Corporation London. I am writing you from my office that will be of an immense benefit to both of us.

In my department,being the Chief Auditor (332 Oxford street,London Regional Office), I discovered an abandoned sum of $21.3 million USA Dollars (TWENTY ONE MILLION THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATE DOLLARS.) in an account that belongs to one of our foreign customers Late Mr.DENIS COOK is a foreigner too.

The choice of contacting you is aroused from the geographical nature of where you live, particularly due to the sensitivity of the transaction and the confidentiality herein.

Now our Bank has been waiting for any of the relatives to come-up for the claim but nobody has done that.I personally have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for 2 years now, I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin /Will Beneficiary to the deceased so that the proceeds of this account valued at 21.3 Million Dollars can be paid to you. This will be disbursed or shared in these percentages,50% to me and 40% to you and while 10% will be for expenses both parties would have incurred during the process of transferring in your favour.

I have secured all necessary legal documents that can be used to back up this claim we are making. All I need is to fill in your names to the documents and legalize it in the court here to prove you as the legitimate beneficiary.

I will apply for annual leave to get visa immediately I hear from you that you are ready to act and receive this fund in your account.

All I require now is your honest Co-operation,Confidentiality and Trust to enable us see this transaction through. I guarantee you that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law.

Please,provide me the following: as we have 5 days to run it through. this is very very URGENT PLEASE.

1. Full Name
2. Your Telephone Number
3. Your Contact Address.
Your urgent response will be highly anticipated and appreciated.
Best regards,
Mr.Wright Lawson
MOBILE: Tel:+44-704-576-4448

The above is yet another 419 email scam. Do Not respond to scam emails such as shown above. You can report this message you receive or similar scams to, as well as Yahoo in this case as Yahoo email address is mentioned. Also send a report to

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