Friday, April 11, 2008

Clearfield Municipal Authority dumps Raw Sewage into river

Clearfield Municipal Authority dumps Raw Sewage into river

How likely is it that the residents along the Susquehanna River flowing through Clearfield, Pa know that RAW SEWAGE is frequently dumped into the river?

Clearfield Municipal Authority (CMA) has and still does discharge raw sewage into the Susquehanna River.

How many millions of gallons is discharged freely? Who knows?

What do these people pay a sewage bill for?

What is the exorborant sewer surcharge being spent on?

Why pay a sewer bill, the residents might as well just let a pipe run from their bathroom to the river. Better yet, save your money and just go to the river whenever you need to relieve yourself. Don't worry

This action is a complete rip off for those paying a sewer bill. They are paying to have the sewage treated, not dumped freely into the Susquehanna River.

This practice is also disgusting and clearly unhealthy. Pollution of our rivers with who knows what bacteria or disease.

How many children, and other residents play in and along the banks of the river?

How many anglers wade out into the river to fish?

How many anglers eat the fish they catch? Do they know they are eating a fish laced with who knows what?

How much of this raw sewage comes from the Clearfield Hospital?

Not only throughout Clearfield Borough, but these same unhealthy and unsanitary pollutants affect the unknowing victims downstream.

Do you think someone would wade through the treatment tank at the Clearfield Municipal Authority Water Treatment Plant? Most likely not. I highly doubt they'd eat any fish they caught out of there either.

They might as well though, as everytime there is decent rainfall the CMA discharges raw untreated sewage into the river, turning the wonderful Susquehanna River into a flowing cesspool of germs, bacteria, disease, and who knows what else. One thing the multi million dollar sewage line replacement projects over the last few years was supposed to remedy. Maybe, the folks just ain't paying enough in the sewer surcharge. Maybe a doubling of the sewer surcharge fee and they could get the sewage treated like it is supposed to be.

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