Thursday, April 03, 2008

eBay adds Increased International Exposure FEE

Yet another fee increase for all the ebay sellers.

Was only a month or so ago eBay announced increased fees (I mean free gallery and lower listing fees - but your final value fee will go up).

Now it looks like it going to cost you more for international buyers to see your products.

This new fee varies according to country and amount of item. From .10 cents to .50 cents more per listing.

Even after one has been charged this International Exposure fee, how is the seller to actually know if their item is being seen overseas?

Then add the 10 to 40 cents per listing with many sellers having hundreds of items and their costs have now been drastically increased.

Unless one sells a great deal overseas it seems ridiculous to add this fee to your listing. At 40 cents per listing times 100 items, how many do you really sell international? Does this added exposure fee justify your costs vs sales?

As a side note - the money ebay sellers will be paying they are better off to dump ebay and take their selling expierence and open their own idependant store. For about $30 bucks month hosting they can have a decent store of their own with only the $30 dollar hosting fee. Of course other additional services they need like payment processing, etc will add a few more dollars per month, but even still way cheaper than selling the same items via eBay.

My take on the eBay International Exposure FEE - this is the worldwide web visible to the entire world and I ain't paying extra for someone from another country to see my stuff. I guess you can see one reason why no one here sells or buys for that matter on eBay.

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