Saturday, April 05, 2008

TKO NOTICE: Restricted Account Access - EBAY SCAM

Ebay account suspension ALERT. Following is copy of Phishing Scam Message - TKO NOTICE: Restricted Account Access. April 5, 2008. Return email shows as eBay []. This message when viewed as html option will appear with all ebay graphics and looks very much like it was sent from ebay. Be advised this is a spoof message as ebay calls them. This is a fake message appearing as if ebay sent it to entice you to be alarmed by your account being suspended and make you click the link(disabled here) CLICK HERE. By clicking the CLICK HERE link you will be taken to a scammers page that appears to resemble ebay's login in page. Chances are if you fall for this trap you probably won't realize this is a scam until after you have entered your username and password. Phishing scam.

Subject: TKO NOTICE: Restricted Account Access

Dear eBay member,

We have taken steps to secure your eBay account, including review of your personal information and placing a temporary restriction on your account. Any activity has been cancelled and any associated fees have been credited to your account. We assure you that your credit card and bank details are stored on a secure server and cannot be viewed by anyone.

Your account is currently blocked from listing and bidding on items, and from sending email through Ask Seller a Question or Contact eBay member. To restore full access to your account, please follow the instructions in this email.

Here's what you should do now:

1) CLICK HERE (this link removed) to Sign in to your account

2) Confirm your account information

Please note that you need to complete all of these steps before we can lift the restriction on your account. We recommend that you print out this email as a reference in case you have further questions.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.

Regards, Customer Support (Trust and Safety Department) eBay International AG

The bottom portion of this FAKE SCAM message will have the ebay how to spot spoof verbiage that you are used to seeing. It has been ommitted here so as to avoid any active links.

Again if recieving message shown above, It is a FAKE and an attempt to obtain your ebay username and password. DO NOT RESPOND To above phishing message. I believe if you are an eBay member any messages to you also show up in my messages there. Always go to eBay and check your messages, if this is not there then chances are you can be almost guarantee it is fake. You can then report it to ebay's spoof department at I believe you need to be an ebay member for them to accept your report, but can't be certain if that is the case.

If you have fallen victim to this scammer, log into eBay as soon as possible and change your username and password.

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