Sunday, May 18, 2008

Clearfield Borough Surcharge

Seems like even some business owners within Clearfield Borough believe the surcharge tacked onto the Clearfield Municipal Authority's (CMA) water and sewer bill is outrageous. Here's a picture of one recently closed business displaying their disgust with the surcharge.

Clearfield Borough Surcharge Disgust
Up until now only the few persons passing by this now closed establishment have seen this large sign. Well, not no more. Posted here for millions and millions to see. Millions of people can now clearly see the blatent overcharges for water and sewer usage (mainly in the surcharge) imposed on the residents of Clearfield Borough. Here it is again for all to see.

Clearfield Borough Surcharge Disgust
In many cases the surcharge amount ( based on water usage using a formula to calculate sewage charge ) exceeds the actual sewage charge.

The current CMA members need to reevaluate the expenses of their authority. Better yet, a replacement of all current CMA members with members that put the public first instead of their own agenda. This water authority and borough leaders need to run their system like the residents that support them do - on a limited budget. If the CMA doesn't have enough money, then whatever it is needs to wait until funds are available.

This surcharge is not only hampering businesses but hurting the entire community of Clearfield in financial losses. As a business, investment money to grow, expand, and create jobs is being spend on a ridiculous surcharge. As a resident, monies that could be spend growing the local economy by patronizing local businesses is again spent on an overcharged surcharge.

But then again, since we are not board members of a water authority, sit on a borough board, or are mayor of a small town our points are fruitless as we are too stupid to see things as the smart ones just mentioned.

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