Friday, May 02, 2008

Curwensville Lake ponders No Lifeguards

No Lifeguards - that's the recommendation on the table for the Curwensville Lake to correct budget shortfall.

What are The Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority Recreation Committee (CCRTA) members thinking?

On the front page of The Progress dated April 30, 2008 you can read entire article titled Curwensville Lake has budget deficit.

Seems like the safety of small children have taken a back seat to fixing the newly found budget short fall.

As a way to cut costs, committee members will recommend to CCRTA the elimination of lifeguards in the swimming area at Curwensvile Lake.

Now that is a brilliant idea. Put the safety and welfare of not only small children at risk, but everyone else who could possible have a life saved because a lifeguard was available, all to save $7.50 an hour. As reported by The Progress this proposal will save over $8000.00 over the season.

How much is your child's life worth?

As one would expect this same committee does not want to cut staffing jobs. Remember these committee members are far more educated than the $7.50 lifeguards. The park just couldn't operate without them, without lifeguards the park can operate, after all a lifeguard does nothing but sit there and get a tan. How many of these same committee members have the qualifications required for lifeguards? Our guess would be none of them.

How about eliminating the newly created approximate $30,000 position of recreation director?

Surely, Curwensville Lake can operate without this position. Now the surprising budget deficit that just appeared (darn budget stop playing hide and seek) has been resolved. Eliminate this position, budget balanced, Problem Solved.

This proposal to correct a budget shortfall clearly shows the committee members show little regard to the safety of patrons visiting Curwensville Lake.


At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

May 14,08 CCRTA meeting yielded these results.

FIRST on list eliminate lifeguards.

Guess the family place to be won't be a safe one. The safety of visitors takes a back seat to securing the non essential jobs such as Recreation Director Mark Sopic, who was recently hired.


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