Friday, May 09, 2008

Open eBay Store Yes or No ?

eBay store Yes or No, should I open one?

Is having an eBay store worth my time?

Yes, if you enjoy paying fees for little to NO item exposure. Store inventory items do not receive the exposure core auction items do.

No, if your trying to build your brand. eBay stores restricts you from using your own domain name that you have registered so customers can associate you with your product. With an eBay store you'll be delegated to use an eBay username along with a shared url. Your store url with look something like ebay/stores/yourstore. Now, how professional does this make your store look?

Yes, if you enjoy having no control over the search optimization of your site. Search visiblity among the search engines is totally out of your control. With no access to search engine optimization (SEO) functions, ie; meta tags, htaccess, header tags, link building, etc, your ranking within search engines is at the mercy of eBay.

Yes, if you enjoy paying fees, fees, fees, and more fees. As store inventory items do not get the same exposure as core auction listings, you'll be paying listing fees for no one to see your items.

Yes, if you like jumping through hoops and being met with restrictions just to sell your simple widget.

Yes, if you like being told what price to sell for. Well, what minimum price anyway. What to sell for less than a $1.00, eBay won't let you. It's you item, your profit/loss and you can't set your own price.

Yes, if you like your shipping and handling charges constantly scrutinized. If eBay feels your $20.00 charge to ship your 1lb widget is too much, then you get bad marks. eBay doesn't consider your 1lb widget is extremely fragile. Actual shipping charges $12.00. Requires $6.00 dollars in extra packaging materials due to items fragility. As you'll also need to insure your package and purchase tracking number (USPS), the $20.00 does not even cover the total shipping charge. According to eBay you should ship this item for the $12.00 shipping cost and eat the additional $6.00 plus $2-3 dollars for insurance and .75 cents for your tracking number. Sell an item at auction for $1.00 and it will cost you about $8-9 to send it. with a deficit like this it won't take lone before your out of business.

Yes, if you like having payments held on items you sell. Sell an item in the wrong category, an item deemed high risk or by simply being a new seller your under the radar and highly likely to ahve your payment held for nearly a month. What exactly are the risk items and catergories? Well they are clouded in mystery, you don't really now or are told what exactly classifies as risky.

Yes, if you only want to accept Paypal. As Paypal is owned by eBay, this is deemed to only safe way to pay. You do not have the option to use Google checkout for example, or one of the other many payment processors if you want.

This post is far from an all inclusive list. Only a few things pertaining to having an eBay store being worth your time have been mentioned to get you thinking about, and researching your alternatives.

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