Saturday, May 03, 2008

PayPal 21 day hold - How many gamblers do we have?

eBay sellers, how much of your money are you willing to gamble?

Sellers are gambling with every listings that they won't be caught up in the PayPal 21 day hold.

Without knowing specifically what items, or even that your selling ranking will trigger a 21 day hold, how much money are willing to gamble with?

As far as we're concerned it would be ZERO, and it should be ZERO. Since we're not the gambling type you'll never see an item listed on eBay from us.

Wonder if a seller loses money due to the PayPal & eBay 21 day hold if they can deduct this hold as a gambling loss?

Seems to us that this policy is like playing Russian roulette with your money with every item you list. Not only do you have to worry about fees, feedback, and policies, now you have to worry about if you will be flagged for payment hold.

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