Monday, May 26, 2008

Sheetz Gas mixed with Ethanol

Sheetz Gas Only 90% but you pay 100%

Mixing gasoline with ethonal is not a new thing, nor is it exclusive to Sheetz. It just so happens the picture we have below is from a Sheetz gasoline pump displaying a "Now Contains Up To 10% Ethanol" sticker. You will need to get on your hands and knees or possibly lay on your belly to see it as this sticker is located very close to the bottom of pump.

Sheetz gas pump 10% ethanol
Sheetz gasoline pump 10% ethanol
The practice of mixing ethanol in gasoline has been common practice for many years among all gasoline producers. Keep in mind that the cost to produce a gallon of gasoline (prices change according to oil costs) is approx $2.50 while a gallon of ethanol is approx $1.00 per gallon.

As ethanol does not contain the same energy as gasoline it therefore is less effecient than an equivalent amount of gasoline.

The problem with Sheetz's Now Contains Up To 10% Ethanol is as consumers we are paying top dollar for a gallon of gasoline. We are not paying top dollar for a gallon of gasoline diluted with 10% of a cheaper fuel. This 10% adds up to be alot of money consumers are paying and not recieving 100% pure product.

Lets dilute milk 50/50 with water and still sell it at top milk price. This is what will soon be happening to the gasoline your purchase. And the gas your purchased today may even contain more than a 10% dilution of a cheaper product. It's hard to tell when those stickers were last updated.

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