Saturday, August 16, 2008

Official Winner Lottery scam

Below you will find the text - Official Winner Of #2,900,000.00 - email spamming scam. This message appears to be sent from - Richard Smiths []. August 16, 2008. Reply email as - As many spammers use additional reply to addresses and faked message headers.

And what are the chances a Lottery would have a Yahoo email address??????

If you receive message like this one, add the sent from address to your denied senders list, report the message to SPAM@UCE.GOV and report to the spam & abuse department of the sent from domain.

Don't just delete these scammers and fraudsters - report them.


It will Interest us to inform you of the result of the Lottery Winners International programs held on the Augest 2008. Your e-mail address attached to ticket number 2585-7146-5106-4872 with serial Number 1882-554 drew lucky numbers 5-14-18-23-33-39 which consequently won in the 1st category, you have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of #2,900,000.00 (Two Million Nine Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds)

Due to regulations and privacy policy, we ask that you keep your winning information confidential until you file for your claim.This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some participants.

Contcat: Mr Frederick Lugard
Telephone: +44-7024-0356-73

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