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Dear Beloved,

Calvary greeting to you and your entire families in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (Amen).
This letter is from your brethrens, which are missionaries. The aim of writing this letter is to tell you the difficulties we are facing for the sake of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, most especially in the area of finance. It is sad to say that some of us owe people money now due to the past experience we have encountered in the work of God. Some of us do borrow money before we meet the need we have. Presently, we are in need of money to pay our debts so that the name of Christ will not be blasphemed.
We are in need of Bibles and Foods. We are also in need of buses to enable us make the work of God so easier because missions are on outreach that is people who are yet to hear the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. Beloved, we cannot be preaching and begging for money, you could imagine what unbelievers will be saying against us. Beloved, we have been praying because of all these needs that are challenging the Gospel of our Lord Jesus before us. And God laid it in our heart to write you so that you can play your own part.
Beloved, for the sake of Christ who die for souls to be saved, we need your help to enable us continue the Gospel to our Lord Jesus by preaching to unsaved souls. Beloved, if you don't have time to preach, you can do the same work by sponsoring the Gospel of our Lord Jesus through the missionary.
What will you do for Christ as your portion for the sake of winning soul before you leave all you have here on earth to meet Christ? What will God use to remember you and reward you for the work of God? Read Matthew
25:35-45 also Matthew 6:19-21.
May Christ not fail in your time in Jesus Name (Amen) May God use you to meet up this challenge that is before Christ in Jesus name (Amen.) Thanks for you co-operation; we are waiting to hear from you this week.
Write your own request to God and send to us. Do God's own and he will do your own (James 4:2-3).
Believe that Jesus will meet every NEED you have, and receive the answer from Him!
Global Foundation of Christ Missionary is a non-profit tax- exempt corporation. We are not under written by any Church Organisation but are supported entirely by your free will contribution and faithfully monthly support. Please pray about us today.

President / Founder
TEL +447024062201, +44702462363 FAX +447075055612

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