Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Below you will find the text - PLEASE RECEIVE ON OUR BEHALF - email spamming scam. This message appears to be sent from - william dossou [p.williamzdossou2@gmail.com]. September 2, 2008. Return or Reply email as - jordantutu70@yahoo.com. As many spammers use additional reply to addresses and faked message headers.

If you receive message like this one, add the sent from address to your denied senders list, report the message to SPAM@UCE.GOV and report to the spam & abuse department of the sent from domain.

Don't ever follow any spammers links or reply to their messages.

Don't just delete these scammers and fraudsters - report them.

Dear Friend,

My name is Prince jordan tutu and my younger sister Princess Gloria tutu a Sierra Leonian, my consignment contains 27million United States Dollars (US$27,000,000.00) and some quantity of gold and Diamond, which I cannot specify. The consignment is presently in the United States of America. The consignments get to the States through the help of Dr Clinton Komelo. The fact is that Dr Clinton Komelo is supposed to have delivered these consignments to a man called DR STUD BAKER in States.

When Dr Clinton Komelo arrive to deliver the consignments to him in the States after clearing the consignment from the Airport, he call Dr Stud Baker to tell him the description to is house for the delivery but his wife answered the call and told Dr Clinton Komelo that her husband Dr. Stud Baker had a fatal car accident which lead to his death a day before. Dr Stud Baker has already paid the demurrages from the security company, he paid for Bullion van that took the consignment to the airport and he paid for custom check report he also assisted us in getting the DRUG / ANTI TERRORIST CERTIFICATE, which is so expensive that he spent 45 thousand dollars to acquire it, but unfortunately he died in a car accident, that was why Dr Clinton Komelo has to deposit the consignment with a warehouse over there in the States and called us to informed us about what is happening for us to get another beneficiary for him to make the delivery of the consignments.

So dear,with due respect we are seeking for your assistance to received the consignments. Please do get back to us with your direct cell number and address so that we can forward you more details and the diplomat number for you to call him who is presently in the States now.

Please when you call him you Will tell him that you are calling in respect of Prince jordan and Princess Gloria tutu's consignment that is in the States. If Dr Clinton Komelo asks if you have discussed with me tell him that you have discussed with me immediately.You can call me as you read this mail with this number+233 -245 405 447 and stickly reply to my private email address princewilliamzdossou@gmail.com

I await your urgent response.

Thanks and God bless you

Prince jordan and Princess Gloria tutu.

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