Thursday, September 18, 2008

Save the children

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Street of the swordfish 132 Av of the Pacific,


ABIDJAN – Ivory Coast

Mister / Madam,

Object: Ask assistance for war orphan for the honor and

The glory of God that we use this media for solicited yourself of one the assistance for the war orphans that we have to collect since 3yaers to his of our church.

Our objectives for this mission this is to let the activities of our lord see in human life, the fate of the men to be saved in this world and to the to the orphaning, les veils, les widows and the widows and the elderly persons the potential one that they have in life. After having a lot to pray and enter in consultation with the Holy Spirit we are asked to contribute for these children that no longer have family, their current families this is you.

This is the reason why we solicit your financial assistance, for the accomplishment of this mission. As you know it the work of God is not for a single person, you remind of the selves that to say the Bible: "The harvest is abundant, but the workers are not very numerous. Pray the master of the harvest to send workers to the harvest"

(Luc 10:2) we will have to be recognizant towards God, and if you give this timeliness of partner with God to attend these children, your work will be blessed in the sky kingdom. We solicit your self of assistance to

Assure a future better for these children that do not have to ask to come to the world to help ourselves to the total accomplishment of this big mission and you save lives. What your generous support is blessed in the name of the lord. You can address your contribution be at the address below in write us by


Thank you for your comprehension and the support. What your works are blessed in the name of the lord PJ

Pictues of the children


Minister Pastor

OBROU Rodrigue

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