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My name is Miss Alex owusu, 23yrs old girl, from Ghana; I am the First daughter of my late father Chief Dr John owusu. Who die in an Unbelievable deaths in a car accident on 24th December 2007? Before the Death of my father he left some boxes that contain gold of 250kg and has Deposited 1.5millon dollars, for me and my only brother Ezekiel owusu, at ECO BANK GHANA now my uncles want to take it claiming

That we are too young to handle such a big amount of money left for us

Please I and my brother need your help to save this money and the box Which we want to transfer to you And come over to your place for investment purpose. Please if you do this for Us, I promise you 30% of the gold and the money, but I want me and my Brother to live Africa, because my uncles are not happy about the Box and the money my father left for us, and they are trying to kill me And my Brother so that they can take the money. Thank you and I hope to hear from You

Very soon,

Daughter, Alex owusu

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