Sunday, October 12, 2008


Below you will find the text - GOODDAY MY DEAR - email spamming scam. This message appears to be sent from - ibrahim obasanjo []. October 12, 2008. Return or Reply email as - As many spammers use additional reply to addresses and faked message headers.

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Good Day,

Forgive this unusual manner of contacting you,but this particular letter is of exceptional and very private nature.There is absolutely going to be a great doubt and distrust in your heart in respect of this email, coupled with the fact that,so many miscreants have taken possession of the Internet to facilitate their nefarious deeds, thereby making it extremely difficult for genuine people to get attention and recognition.

I am Mr.Ibrahim Obasanjo and a cousin to Chief Olusegun,I have a transaction which I will need your assistant because I have no where else to turn to based on the time frame. So please I will really appreciate if you can give me your full cooperation, I assure you that you have no regrets whatsoever in working with me in this project as I am very sure that you and your will ever remain grateful for the rest of your life.

Without wasting time my first cousin was the former president of the republic of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, after he handed over to the new president, a lot of probes has been going on for him to come and make account for a lot funds ($US16 Billion) which cannot be accounted for during his tenure as the president of the Republic of Nigeria for eight years. As you must have read in the Nigerian daily newspapers, the ministry of petroleum was directly under his office and a lot of juicy contracts were awarded without being executed and from what my cousin told me in confidence, most of these funds were siphoned and deposited in various foreign countries.

It was because of the purpose of my cousin protecting the wealth he single handily made Yradua the President of Nigeria but as soon as he became the president, he joined the opposition based on this, my cousin Olusegun Obasanjo has giving me the authority to assist him safe guard some funds he has in Spain as the government of Nigeria has frozen most of his account and based on the way things are going now in Nigeria polity , I know he will be jailed again and all the funds he made as a president will be confiscated. All his colleague and his vice president, CBN Governor, Minister of finance and Accountant General of the federation, all this people are now under house arrest, so we need to act as quick as possible. My cousin told me where he kept some funds which he wants me to safe guard for him, he asked me to look for a foreigner who is not known or related to us in any means either a man or a woman, a person who is not going to betray us or expose us to the present Nigerian government and he assured me that as soon as the funds are moved in your name, that it will remain sealed for life.

That is the only reason I am contacting you because I because you are not known by any to our family members. So my good friend if you will assist us to safe guard some funds my cousin has in Spain until this problem is over, I will want you to get back to me immediately.

Your compensation

You will invest the funds for a period of ten years and you will be entitled to 100% of the profit for the said period so that my cousin will be able to sort himself out with the government. After the expiation of the said period, you will come down to 50% of the profits while the rest remains chief Obasanjos own.

Mr. ibrahim Obasanjo.

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