Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mariam Azed needs your help

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From Marriam AZED,

My name is AZED MARIAM 18 years of age the only daughter of late oil dealer Alhaji Mohamad Shehata Azed from Iraq.My late father was killed by a suicide bomber on the 16th day of march 2004 on his way to Bahgdad.

Since the invasion of my beloved country Iraq by the Americans things has completely fallen apart.I am contacting you in respect of the total sum of $15,000,000.00(Fifteen Million Dollars which my late father deposited on the custody of a security company in West Africa Cote D'Ivoire.He deposited this money during one of his business trips there.

Before his untimely death he handed over to me the certificate of deposit and the agreement he made with the security company on the day the box was deposited. I now reside in Abidajn Ivory coast, I am contacting you to help get the consignment from the security company. For the release and delivery of the box to your country for investment.

For the proper security of the box my late father deposited the box as FAMILY VALUABLES and not as money.For your assistance in this transaction I have decided to give you the 30% of the total amount and apart from this you are going to be incharge of any investment we shall go into.

I am seriously praying and waiting to get a positive and sincere response from you.
Thanks and May ALLAH be with you.
Yours Sincerely,
Contact me through this id;
( )

Marriam AZED.

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