Sunday, November 23, 2008

Veterans Compensation Seminars

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Nationwide Compensation Seminars

HOUSTON, TX (November 17, 2008) Of the 26 million veterans currently living, only a handful are aware of the benefits that are eligible to them. An even smaller number are aware of how to obtain their benefits. As a result, U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs announced today they have developed a traveling Benefits Team that will host seminars around the country.

The Benefits Team is responsible for visiting those areas of the country where there is a high concentration of veterans. Traveling from city to city, the Benefits Team will help veterans understand the benefits process, how to navigate through governmental bureaucracies, how to develop strategies that will surely manifest in benefits for veterans, and connecting veterans with the right people and organizations to get the compensation process started.

I see veterans in my office all the time who never knew they were eligible for benefits, said Albert Rios, Benefits Team, Team Leader. Our team will make veterans aware of potential benefits and show each veteran in a step-by-step approach what they must do to be awarded benefits for life. Many veterans get frustrated by the layers of bureaucracy they must face and give up seeking their benefits. We arm them [veterans] with tools that break down the bureaucracy barriers and eliminates their frustration.

The Benefits Team is confident that educating veterans about the process and the bureaucratic dance of securing benefits or increasing compensations and pensions will decrease the anger and distrust many veterans feel toward the government.

The seminars main objective is to help each veteran who attends the seminar strategize their approach to securing compensation. Strategies are based on the individual issue of each veteran.

About U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs:

Launched in March 2007, U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs researches and distributes compensable benefits information to U.S. veterans. Also, they are a major conduit for free services available to veterans.

Beth Ann McGruder
U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs

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