Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dear respectful one

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Dear respectful one,

I am Miss florince peter, 21 years old and the only daughter of my late parents Mr and Mrs Konate peter, my father was a highly reputable business merchant (a cocoa merchant and timber dealer) who operated in Abidjan the capital of Ivory coast during his days. It is sad to say that he passed away mysteriously in France during one of his business trips abroad year 11th Febuary 2005, though his sudden death was linked or rather suspected to have been masterminded by his immediate younger brother who travelled with him at that time.

God knows the best for me, my mother died when i was just 4 years old, and since then my father took me so special, before death came and stole him away from me, may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

When he was alive he told me that he deposited a trunk box in the custody of one famous security and storage company here in Abidjan, the capital city of Ivory Coast that contain the sum of Twelve Million United State Dollars.(US$12M) for safe keeping in the trunk box.

He said that he did not disclose the content of the box to the security company as money but it was registered as family valuables for security reasons.

He further told me that he deposited the trunk box in my name as the next of kin and gave me the deposit certificate of the trunk box which i have in possession now which the security company issued to him the day he deposited the trunk box in their company.

I am just 21 years old and a student which i stoped furthering my studies because of my uncles wickedness, really i don't know what to do now, i contact you as a reliable and a trust worthy person overseas who will assist me financially and morally to get this trunk box from the security company because it is the only hope of my furture surviving, this is because i have suffered a lot of set backs in my studies as a result of incessant political crisis here in Ivory coast,conbined with the humulations and sufferings that i oftenly receiving from my uncles, honestly the death of my father actually brought sorrow to my life up to this date.

I am in a sincere desire of your humble assistance in this regards, your suggestions and ideas will be highly regarded, now permit me to ask these few questions:

1 Can you honestly help me as your daughter or sister?
2 What percentage of the total amount in question will be good for you after the trunk box is delivered to your country?
3 Can you help me come over there in your country to live once you secure the trunk box so that i can further my studies?

Thank you so much and may the Almighty God be with you for coming to rescue me from this urgly situation,

My sincere regards,
Miss florince peter.

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